Bedwetting or passing urine in the middle of the night is quite a common issue in children. There are two cases commonly seen: one where the child has been potty trained and dry for many months/ years and then regresses a little and starts bedwetting and second type where the child is off diapers during the day but cannot control during the night and has continued to be in his diapers even after 5/6 years of age.

The reasons for bedwetting can be many and no two cases are the same. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Feeling thirsty and drinking too much water just before bed
  • Very deep sleep during the night where they don’t realize wetting the bed
  • Lack of full bladder control (more so in the second type of cases)
  • Emotional causes: like change of school, house, household conflicts can cause emotional stress for the child which can present as bedwetting
  • Disturbing dreams or nightmares where the child urinates out of fear
  • Weather changes: bedwetting can happen more in winters and rainy season

Homeopathy for bedwetting

Homeopathy is extremely effective for bedwetting because it addresses the root cause of the issue. It not only corrects the bladder control but also corrects any other physical/ emotional issues connected with the bedwetting. It is safe, gentle and without side effects and should be the first choice of treatment for bedwetting in children.

A successful case:

A 7 year old girl was brought in by her parents for her bedwetting issue. They said that she was never completely off her diapers at night but she is fully potty-trained during the day and without any accidents. They said that she drinks a lot of water before going to bed and never realizes when she wets the bed so we have to put a dry sheet under her.

After 2 months of starting the treatment the mother said:

“For the first one week we did not notice much difference but she had one dry night. After 15 days she had 2/3 consecutive dry nights and after a month it was becoming more and more consistent. Now she has a few accidents but I am extremely happy with her response to your treatment!”

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