Basics of nutritional coaching

Food is a very essential puzzle of today’s lifestyle problems and we can see that with all the diet hacks and quick weight loss program on the internet. Do they work? Maybe, sometimes. But we have to start seeing food as something more than just a diet plan that needs to be followed.

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What I have realized as an integrative practitioner and a nutritional coach is that there are no simple answers here. The first question I get asked when I prescribe a diet plan is, “How long should I have to do this?”.

This, right here, is the worst way to start your journey that has the potential to transform your life 180 degrees.

Through this blog, I will guide you through the very basics of nutritional coaching and what to do before even beginning to attempt any diet. This will probably clarify half the issue for you and make you more sustainable in your practice

Body awareness

Our body is very sensitive and expressive whether you realize it or not. Once you tune into your body, you can very much understand what it is saying or doing. We all have foods that make us feel great and foods that don’t really agree with us. Body awareness brings in that acceptance and helps you cut down food that don’t really agree with you.

I have had clients tell me, “Oh dairy doesn’t really sit well with me.” And gone ahead and had that cappuchino or latte. I had a client with chronic allergies and sinus infections. He literally mentioned dairy allergy and coffee intake in the same breath. I simply asked him if he had every tried quitting dairy altogether. He said no, but that would make sense considering that every time he had dairy he would sneeze so much more!

I had another client who knew the foods that were triggering his eosinophilia but he was still craving those very foods. Through our explorations, he realized that he was actually suffering from mild depression and using food as an escape. He was literally poisoning himself each day he had junk food.

Changing perspectives can go a long way in how you view food as.

Know your hunger

This is really sad that we don’t even know what hunger actually means. A lot of my clients (and by lot I mean LOT!) don’t eat because they are hungry. They eat because they have to eat or they are conditioned to eat

Also, we confuse other signals like thirst, boredom, frustration, habit etc for hunger and that is when we go and grab a snack. I always give this wonderful hack: Have a glass of water first whenever you feel hungry. You will be surprised that this will satisfy that urge more often than not.

Follow the Sun

We are Solar beings and had it not been for the sun, life on earth as we know it wouldn’t exist. Our digestion, like plants, also is optimal when the sun is optimal. You must have noticed how your acidity flares up when you have a late night snack or in winters you feel more bloated that usual. These experiences are not a coincidence and we have to understand that.

Ayurveda, which is an ancient science of medicine, also mentions the same and in fact, also mentions that even water is not digested post sun-set. How interesting! Even if you cannot follow a particular diet pattern, just being aware of your body cues and eating when the sun is optimal is a great way to start your nutritional transformation. You will notice just in a week’s time that you have more energy, less bloating, better mood and so much more!

Try it! And leave a feedback for us.

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