— Welcome, "Purple Coat Clinic"


“The Purple Coat Clinic” is an initiative by Dr. Shruti Sridhar to bring the best of integrative medicine under one roof.

This is an ever-growing platform because science
is always growing. We are always open to new and exciting collaboration that can make
a difference in one’s healing journey.


To bring Integrative Medicine to the forefront to create health and address the root
cause of the disease
To educate and spread awareness about holistic health and how integrated medicine
can achieve that

About Dr. Shruti Sridhar

Dr. Shruti Sridhar is a holistic General Physician who believes that healing is an internal process for any disease. Her training as a medical doctor and experience with alternative healing techniques places her in a unique position to integrate the best possible therapies for her clients. She engages by delving deep into the “root-cause” of the problem, to facilitate healing that is long-lasting.

Dr. Shruti is a second-generation homeopath and always had a holistic outlook. After completing her medical degree and a master’s in Public Health (MPH), she decided to learn alternative therapies as well. She trained with the Faculty of Homeopathy in the UK so that she could integrate homeopathy with her general practice. She also became competent in acupressure, acupuncture, herbal medicine, cannabinoid medicine, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Over the last 3 years, she has addressed an array of ailments (developmental delays, autism, anxiety, pcos, diabetes, injuries, etc.) using an integrated approach. 

Meet the Team

Swati Sridhar Yoga instructor

Swati is a very intuitive instructor whose passion for yoga flows through her sessions. She has a master’s in atomic physics but she soon realized physics couldn’t help her with the answers she was looking for. Her yoga journey started when she was six, when her mom initiated her into Reiki. This was followed by years of learning different schools of yogic practices such as chakra meditation, kriya yoga. After her master’s she was on a sabbatical when she rediscovered yoga. She felt she needed to learn in-depth about it and in 2019 joined the advanced teachers training course in Yoga studies and Philosophy at the Yoga Institute, Mumbai.

She’s competent in various styles from Hatha to Vinayasa to Himalayan school of yoga and everything in between. She specializes in women’s health and medical yoga. Her aim is to bring scientific understanding of yoga practices and how each movement affects our health and our lives. She brings her unique experience and understanding of the body (and mind) into her practice.

She says,

“Yoga is my passion and my journey in it is an endless one that keeps me motivated everyday. Yoga changed my life and I started teaching others so that more people also could change their lives through yoga.”