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Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

We have a serious problem today with information overload on the internet today especially when to comes to nutrition. There are so many diets that are being promoted as life-saving, transformational that it is hard to understand what to use. You would have come across some of these terms like “keto”, “paleo”, “vegan”, “GFCF”, “carnivore”, “pescatarian”, “Mediterranean” etc.

Why sometimes diet changes don’t work?

My experience with nutritional coaching over thousands of clients have taught me one thing,

there is no universal formula ever.

 Food is not just protein, carbohydrates and fat. Food is much more complex than that. It is rooted in our evolution, culture, beliefs and emotions. The first step to any dietary change is to understand your relationship with food and how it has impacted you.

Secondly, not everyone is same so what one works for someone might not work for another. I have seen people who thrive on vegan diets and people who miserably aggravated on the same diet. If you go on the internet and even look at medical studies, we can see polarizing views on each diet. So what is ideal?

The answer is there is no ideal. Nutrition and diet works best when it is personalized and integrated with your lifestyle and culture. This is what is nutritional coaching. Through this, you understand your relationship with food, what best suits your body-type and how bring about incorporating those changes in a step-wise manner in your lifestyle

They key to any successful diet is sustainability, which is what we work on through nutritional coaching. This is especially relevant in the Indian context. Most of the diet plans or recipes we find are not suited to the Indian palette. Also, access to some of the ingredients can also be a challenge.

What will you gain through the nutritional coaching?

  • Understanding your relationship with food
  • Identifying cravings and triggers
  • Outline of what an ideal diet for you looks like
  • Sustainability and lifestyle modifications
  • Guidance to create recipes and food that are more nourishing
  • Feedback and working through obstacles

What nutritional coaching doesn’t do?

  • Calorie-counting
  • Giving you a strict diet plan with what to eat and when to eat
  • Give you precise portions/ promote portion control
  • Penalize you for not sticking to the diet

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